About John Switzer

Full Resume

John Switzer is the senior partner in Digital Albatross Design and Consulting (DADC).

Before co-founding DADC, John held several engineering and management positions in the software development industry over a 20 year period.

While at Digital Albatross Design and Consulting, John has designed, managed and implemented a variety of database and internet technology projects.

For IMAX's Advanced Technologies Group he co-implemented the pipeline and tracking system for their DMR film conversion (35mm to 70mm) process. John is also the co-designer and co-implementer of the pipeline software used in IMAX's live action 2D to 3D film conversion process.

In conjunction with Concrescence Design Inc., John designed and implemented a content management system to support large content web sites (3000+ pages and documents) by users unfamiliar with HTML. The system includes sophisticated document and photo upload and management facilities, flexible section, page and navigation creation, multi-tiered administrative access control and support for the delivery of secured (SSL) pages. This system has been deployed across a number of sites in diverse industry sectors such as McMaster University's main HR site, the Hamilton Catholic Children's Aid site, several industrial/commercial sites, such as Interpipe, as well as boutique service sites such as Gift Gestures, to name a few.

Also in conjunction with Concrescence Design Inc., John has completed a number of boutique internet applications for McMaster University: generalized online conference registration systems, a speacailized multi-nominator awards nomination interface for their annual Presidents's Awards For excellence, a job posting and application system for non-academic job postings, online surveys, online course selection and registration for Continuing Education and an employee newsletter.

John has implemented a number of boutique web technology solutions for other clients. These include online booking and registration systems, e-commerce applications, shopping baskets, search engines and a variety of content management tools.

Prior to founding Digital Albatross Design and Consulting, John worked on a wide range of projects in a variety of capacities, often in the development of web and new media products.

As Director of Software Development for Pentranic Group of Companies, he was directly responsible for the implementation of the multimedia communications and web projects for the Pentranic companies. This included medical websites (the Canadian Oncology Societies, www.cos.ca, being the best example) , video conferencing and telemedicine systems.

For Creative Media Ventures, as Director of Development, John implemented and deployed private multi-media broadcast networks for industrial clients, the largest being EMCO Supply.

John worked for Digital Media Networks (DMN) in a variety of roles ranging from engineer to VP of Technical Development. This work included the implementation and deployment of private multi-media broadcast networks for corporate and retail clients across North America. Clients included CIBC, Bell Canada, DIME Bank, IGA, Safeway and Scotia Bank. The content included news, weather, sports, business and client specific advertising in both English and French. The client systems ranged from LED sign boards to video overlay devices, multi-channel video servers and interactive kiosks. These networks were supported by an automated electronic newsroom.

John worked on a variety of projects for Consyensus Computers as an engineer including developing the configuration interface for a software RAID product, implementing a network configuration utility for their PC UNIX product and porting tcp/ip and nfs.

And finally, as a developer and project manager for Human Computing Resources, John worked on the Chariot product, an authoring system for the rapid creation of complex financial applications.