Multi-Media Broadcast Networks

John has worked on several new media projects.

These have included a number of private multi-media broadcast networks for corporate and retail clients across North America. Clients have included CIBC, Bell Canada, DIME Bank, IGA, Safeway, Scotia Bank and EMCO Supply. A number of these systems were also deployed in hospitality applications. Content included news, weather, sports, business, trivia and client or site specific advertising. Content was provided in both English and French.

The client display devices ranged from multi-channel MPEG video servers, interactive video kiosks, video display systems (both DOS and Windows based) and LED sign boards, both custom designed and commercial.

These devices were networked via satellite and internet with a configurable feed of news, weather, sports and advertising. The systems used a multi-tiered subscription addressing scheme that allowed each client to be individually programmed.

To support these networks, electronic newsrooms were developed which integrated the work of news and sports writers with a range of automated news processing systems. Software was implemented to read incoming wire service input for sports scores, weather updates, etc and automatically reformat and rebroadcast them every few minutes. Wire service and web site search tools were implemented to allow editors to quickly search through large amounts of material. Systems were implemented to bank and automatically broadcast trivia and other reusable material.