Web Site Content Management Projects

John designed and implemented a web site Content Management System (CMS). The design objectives were to create a CMS capable of supporting large (3000+ pages) web sites being managed by content managers who did not have html skills. The CMS was designed to cleanly separate the visual design components from the content and in turn from the navigation. This allows the site managers to focus exclusively on content provision.

This CMS has been deployed under several sites varying in size and complexity, across multiple industry sectors.

The CMS is a templated system allowing the easy creation of pages and easy access to the content blocks contained on those pages. The content blocks are edited using a WYSIWYG editor allowing cut and paste from other sources as well as providing built-in sophisticated formatting tools. There is a built in facility for creating nested default content for content objects.

The CMS incorporates a powerful photo upload and management capability with authoring tools to create configurable, searchable photo galleries.

It also has a flexible document upload and management system permitting documents of any format to be integrated into the web site.

Navigation is defined using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The navigation menus are dynamically materialized at page request time in a variety of styles.

There is a multi-tiered user management interface allowing user access to pages and to page groups to be set on an individual basis. This provides a flexible mechanism on larger sites for limiting content control to relevant stakeholders.

The CMS also facilitates the definition and delivery of secured (SSL) pages and documents to specified user groups.